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Destiny 2 Update

Today Guardians everywhere rejoiced. It marked the first game play look of Destiny 2. Bungie didn’t disappoint. While they gave us some game play they also gave us a look at more info with the game and other features that will help them carry Destiny to higher places than before. Story for Destiny 2 (so far): The earth has been attacked by the brutal Red Legion. They are led by the fearsome Gary (...[Read More]

Oh no! They Killed the Release Date!!! You B******!

Looks like South Park and Ubi Soft pushed back the release of South Park Fractured but Whole again. The current release date is unknown. In a statement from the developers Facebook page it appears as though the fate of the date is still undetermined.



Lil Tanks Review

In the history of the quarter smashers, we have a game that brings back the fond memories of sitting in an arcade and enjoying the fast pace button mashing that makes up the genre. Much like R-Type, Raiden, and the 1942 series, Lil Tanks does a good job keeping things simple, while still providing a bit of new-school challenge. Trying to keep your eyes locked on the screen afraid to blink, only to...[Read More]

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